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  1. How to link your Steam Profile to your website profile 1. Click on your profile and click "Profile" as shown below: 2. Once on your profile then click "Edit Profile" as shown below: 3. Then enter your Steam ID in the box shown below, if you can't find your steam ID then use https://steamidfinder.com/ and sign in to get your steam ID and paste it in the Steam ID box on your profile. 4. Click "Save" as shown below: 5. Then click on your "Steam Profile" tab and your steam account should be successfully linked with the website! you have any issues with any of these steps please submit a support request Here or contact a member of staff on our Teamspeak (ts.kingsrealm.net)
  2. Hello Everyone! I am pleased to announce that the new Kings Realm TeamSpeak server has been launched! What does this mean for users? Everything you knew about the old TeamSpeak server is the same with the new one, your tags will need adding back though so you will have to contact one of our lovely members of staff to get your tags back. The channels have been changed slightly to contain the channels that we need most as well as the games section has been updated to reflect the games that you all play most! How do I connect to this new TeamSpeak? The IP address is the same as the old TeamSpeak so don't worry about having to update your bookmarks or anything, the IP is still ts.kingsrealm.net Why was the TeamSpeak changed? We had some limitations with our old TeamSpeak server that limited our use of the whitelist so we couldn't add automated bots in the future if we wanted to, also this new TeamSpeak is cheaper and has upgraded our slots from 20 > 32 enabling us to allow more people into the TeamSpeak concurrently. If anyone has any other issues/questions then feel free to contact a member of staff or make a support ticket either on our website or on the Discord. - Kingz
  3. Hey, if you're in the clan and want to represent the clan in-game then please use the screenshots below for the settings to set on your player to show off that your in Kings Realm Clan Tag: KR Clan Emblem: Foreground - Kingslayer Blackground - Dreamcatcher Colours: Set the "Primary" and "Background" colours the same colour and the "Secondary" colour to "Transparant" as for what colour to make it, that's up to you See you in-game - Kingz
  4. Hey, As some of you may be aware the website went down the other day for an hour while we worked on changing the URL from https://kingsrealm.net/forum to https://kingsrealm.net. Now you can all go to just the domain to access the site, this was originally set up so we could make a separate homepage however recent events have shown us that we were able to get a homepage built into IPS so we have opted for that method instead. Also, we have begun work on preparing the TeamSpeak for the release of Teamspeak 5! I don't know about you guys but after some tinkering around with the beta I am very excited to see it come out officially (Hopefully Soon), aside from that the structure of the community is being changed to better accommodate our casual and more competitive members accordingly. Other changes include a re-work of our applications for members who wish to apply to become staff within the community, updates to the Code of Honour and new artwork added to the website such as the addition of our new background for the site and banners. As more changes to the community happen like this I will keep you all informed with more updates. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! -Kingz
  5. Hey just a quick shout out for the Steam controller, it's going for £4.00 (£11.40 including Shipping) from £39.99 excluding shipping for steams own Steam Controller. I got mine ordered and I'd say for that price it's definitely worth it. Steam Store Link -Kingz
  6. Heyy, Just in case any of you have been living under a rock the past few months, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now available for pre-order for £29.99 right now. I know that is a full price however you can also now pre-order Halo Reach on steam for £6.99. If you are like me and have wanted these games to come to PC for years then paying £6.99 per game for them will rack up to more than £29.99 pretty quick and so makes more sense to just buy the bundle instead and save yourself some money on them all. Not to mention that if Halo Reach is £6.99 then Halo 4 which is also coming in this bundle will probably cost closer to £15 with it being a newer game. Halo Reach Relese date: 3/12/19 If you haven't played Halo before or weren’t aware of the launch of the collection to PC then you can watch the trailers below Halo coming to PC launch trailer: Halo Reach 2009 Teaser Trailer:
  7. Heyy, if any of you wen't aware already making a Epic Games account and having the launcher downloaded is a great idea. I know it's not as good as steam in my own opinion however its worth it to just colect all the free games that they offer every week! This weeks games are as follows: Costume Quest - Costume Quest is a Halloween adventure from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions. In this charming role-playing game, choose your hero and trick-or-treat through three beautiful environments full of Double Fine humor and story. SOMA - SOMA is a sci-fi horror game from Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is an unsettling story about identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human. New free gmaes every week, why not if they are free right? -Kingz
  8. Kingz

    DiRT Rally for free

    Hey, thanks for the heads up, what is the reason for it being free all of a sudden? I might not play it but hell if its free I want it
  9. Hello Everyone! After descussions amoungst our staff, support and a bit of fund rasing we are pleased to announce that we have now offically launched our own small minecraft server. please let it be known that this is not a server like we have launched in the past with Garry's Mod or anything as this is just a small server for members of the community to come on and play as and when they wish to make and do what they want inside it. Feel free to bring along your friends if you wish too as it currently is running on bukkit just with some admin tools and 35 slots, we are willing to upgrade the server in the future if required for more ram if nessary though. The current IP to connect with is mc.kingsrealm.net with us currently working on changing it in the near future for a more community friendly IP. -Kingz
  10. This is a really great idea and I would love to be able to push this however we only have the issue of funding for it, asssuming we can secure the funding for it then we can definetly start a server up for this game.
  11. Hey Everyone! First of all, I would like to thank you all for your continued support with the upkeep of this community. Donations towards the website renewal as well as the general upkeep of the clan has been great and has allowed us to add new features such as the Braintree payments system (for recurring payments) alongside fixing various issues with security and embedding YouTube videos. We are highly appreciative of the support we have received so far and are very excited for the future of Kings Realm! We have recently made some changes to the website, including a new recurring payment system (as mentioned above) for the upkeep of the clan and updated the Game Directory, adding many more games for members to join and show which games they like to play – maybe even find new people to play with! New banners have also been added around KR (such as on the TeamSpeak and website). In addition to the website updates, a new 2019 roadmap has been established to keep you all updated with our intentions going forward as a clan. We are continuing our efforts with the recruitment of new clan members to expand and bring new characters into KR – hopefully in the upcoming months we will see new faces in our growing community! We are hoping to develop and launch a new home page on the website for everyone to see an overview of the clan and what we represent. We are looking to sync up our TeamSpeak channel with the website to allow admins to allocate user tags to members via the website and, in the event of someone losing their tags through technical fault, allow admins to easily reassign tags without the continued hassle (more to come on this). We will also be re-launching our Discord server focussing on keeping this in sync with the website and the TeamSpeak channel with any recent changes. Once again, thank you all for your continued support for this community. Without your generous support and donations we wouldn’t have been able to progress this far and hopefully we can progress even further. -Kingz
  12. Hey Guys! Just a little a little in-game clan information here, if you want to join our World of Tanks EU (PC) clan then please use the link below to join in. In-Game Clan Profile If you have any issues joinning or need an invite then please let me know so I can send them out to you guys. -Kingz
  13. The Sims 4 has quietly been one of EA's longest-lasting games, putting out regular updates since its launch in 2014. Now the company has made it free through its Origin storefront, but only for a limited time. You can pick up the game now through Origin, but only for a week. Clicking on the purchase link will forward you to an offer to subscribe to Origin Basic or Premiere, but just under those options is a third that allows you to grab the game without subscribing to either service. If you do have a Basic subscription, though, you can get the Digital Deluxe edition with some extra goodies. Trailer: The Sims 4 has gotten a ton of updates over its long lifespan, from fun cosmetic crossovers like it did with Final Fantasy XV, to a first-person camera mode, to expansions and updates focusing on diverse topics like pets, seasons, parenthood, and even a spooky mystery. Those regular updates have helped give it more longevity, matching and exceeding its predecessors that had a similar wealth of content. You can grab The Sims 4 for free through May 28 so go get your free copy while you can! - Kingz
  14. Hey, I have been looking into upgrading my NAS server as it currently runs just a few drives and if a drive fails there is no Raid setup so I am going to set up a Mirroring system so if a drive fails there will be a second drive with all of the data backed up to. I am torn between these two types of drives but does anyone know which would be the better drive to buy? 1. WD Red Pro https://www.amazon.co.uk/Red-Pro-SATA-10TB-7200rpm/dp/B072F422FW/ref=pd_sbs_147_1/259-4024805-0173663?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B072F422FW&pd_rd_r=a38b048f-651b-11e9-9277-03268fc147c9&pd_rd_w=rjPIw&pd_rd_wg=kSw2D&pf_rd_p=18edf98b-139a-41ee-bb40-d725dd59d1d3&pf_rd_r=TE0409NB11M4B5MJYW0H&psc=1&refRID=TE0409NB11M4B5MJYW0H 2. Seagate IronWolf https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seagate-IronWolf-Internal-Systems-Workload/dp/B07H241VK4/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=IronWolf+NAS+10TB&qid=1555950629&s=computers&sr=1-2 All information regarding this would be appreciated - Kingz
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