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New TeamSpeak Launch

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teamspeak banner.png


Hello Everyone!


I am pleased to announce that the new Kings Realm TeamSpeak server has been launched!


What does this mean for users?

Everything you knew about the old TeamSpeak server is the same with the new one, your tags will need adding back though so you will have to contact one of our lovely members of staff to get your tags back. The channels have been changed slightly to contain the channels that we need most as well as the games section has been updated to reflect the games that you all play most!


How do I connect to this new TeamSpeak?

The IP address is the same as the old TeamSpeak so don't worry about having to update your bookmarks or anything, the IP is still ts.kingsrealm.net


Why was the TeamSpeak changed?

We had some limitations with our old TeamSpeak server that limited our use of the whitelist so we couldn't add automated bots in the future if we wanted to, also this new TeamSpeak is cheaper and has upgraded our slots from 20 > 32 enabling us to allow more people into the TeamSpeak concurrently.


If anyone has any other issues/questions then feel free to contact a member of staff or make a support ticket either on our website or on the Discord.


- Kingz

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