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Recent Website Updates

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As some of you may be aware the website went down the other day for an hour while we worked on changing the URL from  https://kingsrealm.net/forum to https://kingsrealm.net. Now you can all go to just the domain to access the site, this was originally set up so we could make a separate homepage however recent events have shown us that we were able to get a homepage built into IPS so we have opted for that method instead.  


Also, we have begun work on preparing the TeamSpeak for the release of Teamspeak 5! I don't know about you guys but after some tinkering around with the beta I am very excited to see it come out officially (Hopefully Soon), aside from that the structure of the community is being changed to better accommodate our casual and more competitive members accordingly.


Other changes include a re-work of our applications for members who wish to apply to become staff within the community, updates to the Code of Honour and new artwork added to the website such as the addition of our new background for the site and banners.


As more changes to the community happen like this I will keep you all informed with more updates.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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