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New Kings Realm Community Minecraft Server

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Hello Everyone!

After descussions amoungst our staff, support and a bit of fund rasing we are pleased to announce that we have now offically launched our own small minecraft server. please let it be known that this is not a server like we have launched in the past with Garry's Mod or anything as this is just a small server for members of the community to come on and play as and when they wish to make and do what they want inside it.

Feel free to bring along your friends if you wish too as it currently is running on bukkit just with some admin tools and 35 slots, we are willing to upgrade the server in the future if required for more ram if nessary though.

The current IP to connect with is mc.kingsrealm.net with us currently working on changing it in the near future for a more community friendly IP.


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