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Kings Realm Survival Server Rules

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Server Rules

These are the Rules for the Kings Realm Clan Survival Server


Member Rules:


1. Griefing is NOT allowed under any circumstances.


2. Exploitation of bugs, dupes & glitches is NOT allowed.


3. Violent amounts of CAPS are NOT allowed.


4. Racist, sexual or hateful language is NOT allowed.


5. All kinds of hacks, macros etc are NOT allowed.


6. Advertising is NOT allowed.


7. Scamming & Trapping is NOT allowed.


8. Sharing personal information is NOT allowed.


9. Respect all players on the server.


10. Your user - Your responsibility.


11. Use your common sense.


12. Raiding of player-made structures such as Bases, Towns, Houses etc is NOT allowed.


13. PVP is enabled however use moderation as you can be removed if used in excess.


NOTE We can, and we will punish outside these guidelines if we think it is necessary.

Kings Realm Head Officer

- Kingz

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