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Airsoft Patches Poll

Patch Poll  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. What Type of Patch would you perfer?

  2. 2. How would you like to attach your patch

    • Velcro (Both)
    • Velcro (PVC Only)
    • Velcro (Cloth Only)
    • Adhesive (Both)
    • Adhesive ( PVC Only)
    • Adhesive (Cloth Only)

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@FuZaoRen has kindly offered to run a batch of patches that you the community can buy which will help the community and also give you something you can phisically keep to show that you've been apart of Kings Realm as well as a patch that you can attach to your airsoft gear for when your playing in your various airsoft venues.


I am making this post on behalf of @FuZaoRen to see what sort of patches you would like to have, there are two types of patches that will be run. A cloth patch and also a PVC patch, these patches will be a limited run of 50 of each so once they are gone, they are gone.


Please fillout the poll so we can see what type of patch you would perfer to have.


PVC Patch example:



Cloth Patch Example:



The PVC patch will incorperate the following logo from KR into it so you can see the kind of thing that it will look like:

Logo_gold Small_0.png


And the Cloth one will be using this logo:

Side image.png

Kings Realm Head Officer

- Kingz

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Hey guys! Quick update on the custom Clan Patches. The initial run through is being printed as we speak, as well as the sample patches that were meant to come first. As soon as the samples are in hand, expect to see them posted on on the forum. Please message me with any concerns or questions!

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I'd like to represent Kings Realm logo on my sweater since i don't play airsoft! :D


noice GIF

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