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  1. We have been deciding whether we wanted a Minecraft server and the staff team is supporting it, all we need now is to get the support of the community because we don't want to make something that no one would wants, therefore we are asking the community. https://www.strawpoll.me/18602041
  2. Can we get a modded Minecraft server? just a community server. for us.
  3. Rainbow Six Siege Anyone who is interested in Rainbow 6 should come on our TeamSpeak (ts.kingsrealm.net) where it is a bustling hub for enthusiastic players to have a blast with each other, work as a team and make lifetime friendships and squads. If enough players come forward and play regularly we may consider doing some custom games (Events), ranked play or even competitive combat only if good enough. If anyone has any quires on playing join the Teamspeak or discord. My UPLAY (If you want to play with me) ; Padbo11 - Happy Gaming.
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