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  1. General Rules - A Respect everyone. No racism, sexism or discrimination. Do not spam text and voice channels. Do not recruit/advertise other clans on the server. Do not intentionally team kill for any reason whatsoever. This includes retaliation. Do not camp the enemy base - staying a minimum of 300m away. Should an objective/capture point be within close proximity - you may play closer within reasonable distance. (Administrator's discretion) Do not ghost, stream snipe or share intel with the enemy team. Unassigned players in the lobby will be kicked if they do not join a squad or stay inactive for too long. Griefing and trolling on the server is prohibited i.e. negligent use of your team’s assets, intentionally crashing your vehicle into a friendly to disrupt your team, destroying team assets intentionally. Glitches, exploits and outright cheating is prohibited. i.e. placing a HAB directly on top of a radio and clipping it out of view, clipping into a surface to gain an advantage, plain and simple cheating. Specialised squads and their assets are to be respected. Do not claim assets from specialised squads unless otherwise abandoned or permitted. Squad Rules - B Squad leaders must have a microphone. Squad leaders must speak English. Squad leaders must have the SL kit at all times. Squad leaders must put in the effort to communicate and actively play for objectives. Do not make a squad unless you intend to lead it. Squad leaders may kick anyone from their squad for whatever reason. Only squads of 5+ may be locked. Specialised squads are exempt from this e.g. logistics, vehicle named squads, mortar squad, command squad. Do not make a squad only to solely vote in a commander. Vehicle Rules - C Do not one man vehicles. Vehicles requiring no crewman kit are excluded from this rule e.g. Technical, BRDM, MRAP. All vehicles requiring a crewman kit must have a minimum crew of 2 to operate e.g. APC, IFV. MBT must have a crew of 3 to operate at all times. Maximum of 1 heli per squad only. Specialised squad names are to take priority in claiming their designated vehicle e.g. heli, mbt, warrior. First come, first served. You must specify the name/class - “armor” does not mark you priority over a vehicle. Seeding Rules - D Do not use offensive/armored vehicles. Transport and logistic trucks only. Do not use emplacements e.g. TOW, HMG, Mortar. Do not build HABs on the middle capture point. Do not destroy enemy HABs. Squads must fight over the middle capture points.
  2. The game is nothing more than the opposite of a stress ball!
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