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  1. Hey guys! Quick update on the custom Clan Patches. The initial run through is being printed as we speak, as well as the sample patches that were meant to come first. As soon as the samples are in hand, expect to see them posted on on the forum. Please message me with any concerns or questions!
  2. FuZaoRen

    Who Plays What?

    •Squad •League of Legends •CSGO •Warthunder •World of Tanks/Warships •Rising Storm Vietnam •Halo Master Chief Collection •Destiny 2 •Valorant •Tekken 7 •Black Desert Online •OSU •Minecraft •Overwatch
  3. That would be most appreciated if possible @Kingz.
  4. Found a spreadsheet detailing all the damage from Infantry weapons from Squad, including damage drop off at various distances. Squad Infantry Weapon Damages v18 - Sheet1.pdf
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