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Community Tiers


Community Tiers

The Kings Realm community is made up of multiple tiers, Community Members, Clan Members and Staff Members.
Community Members are members who are seen as more casual members, they have no required time per week that they have to commit to the community and are free to come and go as they please.

Clan Members are seen as more engaged members of the community, these members are expected to spend three hours a week minimum playing games with members and helping the community overall. They are also eligible to apply for staff position should they wish.

Staff Members, these are the members of Kings Realm that help run the community in the day to day running of tasks. They are very active members that you can see thought the community daily and are always there to help keep a smooth running experience for the rest of the members to enjoy.



Graphical Representation of how the three Tiers of Kings Realm work.


community-clan structure.png

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