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The History of Kings Realm


The History of Kings Realm


The founders Kingz, Chillax and Anthony launch the community with a website made on WordPress. The TeamSpeak follows suit shortly after.

Later that year Anthony steps down with Pompp taking his place and the community launches its first server in Garry's Mod with the help of Community Manager Lukazz.

The servers grand opening is an astounding success, more so than anticipated and with it an end to the year.


The flourishing success of the  Garry's Mod server results with an intake of 300 new members throughout the year. The staff team grows to an estimated number of 30+ individuals to assist across two servers (the second opening further on into the year.)

With a new record of members, the community switches over to invision power services to provide a more stable platform, re-establishing the forums for its members. Weeks following after, it is decided to rebrand the community with a fresh logo and colour scheme.



Due to infighting within the community and many issues arising. The server came to a close and members parted. The community in time turns its focus and attention onto expanding into multiple games rather than a select title.


The year of 18 is a quiet one for the community, seeing a slow turn of progress. Members come and go and so the community now a clan becomes closed with a set invite only policy.

Inspite of the year being slow - a new logo is brought forth and once again rebranding the colours and design.



In the fresh start of the year. KingZ relaunches it all, introducing its two-tier system of community and clan. Opening it up once more to application as stead of invite only.


There is much to go through in the year as the community continues to expand out into multiple games, and gather members to grow further.

Edited by Kingz

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