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    New Member Application

    1. Click either the "Sign up" button on the site as shown below:



    2. Please fill out the application, ensure that your username is the same one as Teamspeak/Discord as well as that you are entering a valid email address.




    3. Validate your email address via the email that will have been sent to the email you applied with (Remember to check your junk folder)



    4. Once your email has been validated you will see the button "Join Us" in the navigation bar as shown below, click that and fill out the application form.




    5. Once that has been submitted admin will look over your application and approve it, if this does not get approved for 24 hours for some reason then please make a support ticket here regarding your application or jump into our Teamspeak (ts.kingsrealm.net) and message one of our lovely staff members to check on your application for you in case it has been missed somehow.


    you have any issues with any of these steps please contact a member of staff on our Teamspeak (ts.kingsrealm.net) or make a support ticket here

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