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  2. EFT AMMO GUIDE ----------------------------------------------------------- THE AMMO SHOWN IN THIS GUIDE IS BASED ON PENETRATION STATS NOT DAMAGE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PISTOLS - PISTOL CARTRIDGES BEST -(MOST EXPENSIVE) - - PISTOL CARTRIDGES 2ND BEST -(AFFORDABLE) - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PDWS - PDW CARTRIDGES BEST -(MOST EXPENSIVE) - - PDW CARTRIDGES 2ND BEST -(AFFORDABLE) - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- RIFLES - RIFLE CARTRIDGES BEST -(MOST EXPENSIVE) - - RIFLE CARTRIDGES 2ND BEST -(AFFORDABLE) - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOTGUNS - SHOTGUNS SHELLS BEST -(MOST EXPENSIVE) - - SHOTGUNS SHELLS 2nd BEST -(AFFORDABLE) -
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  4. Hey, the competition has now ended and the Winner has been picked! Congragulations to @GeneralJones! Please check your messages to find your prize.
  5. Hey, I got a spare key for the game Tom Clancy's The Division 2 so I have decided to make a givaway to give it to one of you lucky people. To enter please comment on this post and I'll enter the names in a random name picker and message the lucky winner via their profile on the website! Competition ends 20/02/2020 10:00AM GMT+0 Trailer - Good Luck and I hope to see one of you lucky people in-game!
  6. Hey, I just found out thanks to @Lukazz that the division 2 is currently on sale until 17/02/2020 at 5PM CET (CET = Central European Time). The Game is original £49.99 but on this flash sale the price has gone down to £2.50 otherwise known as 95% off, It's definitely worth picking up while it's on sale even if your only gonna play it a handful of times at that price! You can take advantage of this sale by opening up your Uplay Launcher and navigating to the store. Trailer:
  7. Lukazz

    Notre Squats

    Haha i love the power ranger squad you had going there
  8. General Rules - A Respect everyone. No racism, sexism or discrimination. Do not spam text and voice channels. Do not recruit/advertise other clans on the server. Do not intentionally team kill for any reason whatsoever. This includes retaliation. Do not camp the enemy base - staying a minimum of 300m away. Should an objective/capture point be within close proximity - you may play closer within reasonable distance. (Administrator's discretion) Do not ghost, stream snipe or share intel with the enemy team. Unassigned players in the lobby will be kicked if they do not join a squad or stay inactive for too long. Griefing and trolling on the server is prohibited i.e. negligent use of your team’s assets, intentionally crashing your vehicle into a friendly to disrupt your team, destroying team assets intentionally. Glitches, exploits and outright cheating is prohibited. i.e. placing a HAB directly on top of a radio and clipping it out of view, clipping into a surface to gain an advantage, plain and simple cheating. Specialised squads and their assets are to be respected. Do not claim assets from specialised squads unless otherwise abandoned or permitted. Squad Rules - B Squad leaders must have a microphone. Squad leaders must speak English. Squad leaders must have the SL kit at all times. Squad leaders must put in the effort to communicate and actively play for objectives. Do not make a squad unless you intend to lead it. Squad leaders may kick anyone from their squad for whatever reason. Only squads of 5+ may be locked. Specialised squads are exempt from this e.g. logistics, vehicle named squads, mortar squad, command squad. Do not make a squad only to solely vote in a commander. Vehicle Rules - C Do not one man vehicles. Vehicles requiring no crewman kit are excluded from this rule e.g. Technical, BRDM, MRAP. All vehicles requiring a crewman kit must have a minimum crew of 2 to operate e.g. APC, IFV. MBT must have a crew of 3 to operate at all times. Maximum of 1 heli per squad only. Specialised squad names are to take priority in claiming their designated vehicle e.g. heli, mbt, warrior. First come, first served. You must specify the name/class - “armor” does not mark you priority over a vehicle. Seeding Rules - D Do not use offensive/armored vehicles. Transport and logistic trucks only. Do not use emplacements e.g. TOW, HMG, Mortar. Do not build HABs on the middle capture point. Do not destroy enemy HABs. Squads must fight over the middle capture points.
  9. Kingz

    When do we start?

    Hey man, we haven't seen anything of you on the website posting or on either of our voice servers, I am unsure how you expect to "train" with us if you don't come on to play with us? feel free to jump into the TeamSpeak or the Discord and play some games with us if you want.
  10. Anyone who is interested in a free key for Frostpunk + The Rift DLC read the following! I have one key to give away. Preferrably to known members of the community. Just message me, if you are interested
  11. Leon

    When do we start?

    Hop onto out Teamspeak. There are always people there, that are willing to play with you
  12. I joind this clan so i could have peeps to train and play with! ffs?
  13. Kingz

    Community Tiers

    Community Tiers The Kings Realm community is made up of multiple tiers, Community Members, Clan Members and Staff Members. Community Members are members who are seen as more casual members, they have no required time per week that they have to commit to the community and are free to come and go as they please. Clan Members are seen as more engaged members of the community, these members are expected to spend three hours a week minimum playing games with members and helping the community overall. They are also eligible to apply for staff position should they wish. Staff Members, these are the members of Kings Realm that help run the community in the day to day running of tasks. They are very active members that you can see thought the community daily and are always there to help keep a smooth running experience for the rest of the members to enjoy. Graphical Representation of how the three Tiers of Kings Realm work.
  14. Kingz


    Positions These are a list of all the positions within Kings Realm Head Officer Chief administrator of the community Officer Provides assistance in the management and organization of the community Developer Provides support in resolving issues within various areas of the community Game Admin Provides support and assistance in running select games within the community Voice Server Admin Provides support in resolving issues on the Teamspeak/ Discord Forum Moderator Provides support in moderating content on the forums Clan Member Member of the clan Community Member Member of the community
  15. Kingz


    Structure The Hierarchy of Kings Realm Kings Realm is made up of two branches, the Voice Server branch and the Website/Game Management branch. with the main branch down the middle representing the core members and senior members of Kings Realm, otherwise known as the lifeblood of the community. Leaders of both branches report directly to the Officers and Head Officer. The Voice Server branch covers all of the voice server that are run within Kings Realm, the respective within these teams report directly to the Officers who manage their team. The Website/Game Managment branch handles the development, maintinance and support for the community, they cover the website as well as the respective game servers that are run within Kings Realm they report directly to the Officers of Kings Realm reguarding all issues and development projects to ensure that quality of service is maintained thought the community.
  16. Kingz

    Miscellaneous Ribbons

    Miscellaneous Ribbons Iron Ribbon Special award given to those having served and been present throughout the much dead period of iron. Open Ribbon Special award given to those having served and been present throughout the chaotic period of tags. G Ribbon Special award given to those having served and been present throughout the much controversial period of G.
  17. Kingz

    Game Ribbons

    Game Ribbons Awards are granted to members of the Kings Realm Clan The Blue Ribbon Ribbon awarded to members who turn no cheek to all sides of the community. The Dunce Ribbon Ribbon awarded to members of a special aptitude to bring forth all but misfortune and jeopardy to their team due to their own cause on numerous occasions. Team Award Ribbon awarded to members having demonstrated exceptional skills and knowledge within a designated in-game team. Arm Strong Award Ribbon awarded to members having shown consistent and outstanding leadership skills. Endurance Award Ribbon awarded to members recognized for their continuous effort to play and remain. First Command Award Ribbon awarded to members in height of their prestige to command and take lead of community events successfully on numerous occasions. Prime Award Ribbon awarded to members with a discernible level of skill and knowledge displayed in-game.
  18. Kingz

    Community Ribbons

    Community Ribbons Awards are granted to members of the Kings Realm Clan Finest First Award Ribbon awarded to members with long standing titles and achievements attained within the community. Dedicators Award Ribbon awarded to members recognized for their efforts in contributing and participating in tasks of large and small scale within the community. Foundation Award Ribbon awarded to members with the inspiration and determination to see success through. Loyalty Award Ribbon awarded to members recognized for their loyalty and dedication to the community. Caring Hand Award Ribbon awarded to members having contributed and supported the community. Social Award Ribbon awarded to members with an extensive history of social interaction within the community. Spotlight Award Ribbon awarded to members who bring forth the popularity of a discussion. Mentors Award Ribbon awarded to members in recognition of their face valued knowledge and dedication to teach and mentor the masses. Patrons Award Ribbon awarded to members having contributed and supported the community on numerous occasions. Prominent Award Ribbon awarded to members with an active social role and name in the community. 1 Year of Service Award Ribbon awarded to members who have been with the clan for a total of one year. 2 Years of Service Award Ribbon awarded to members who have been with the clan for a total of two years. 3 Years of Service Award Ribbon awarded to members who have been with the clan for a total of three years. 4 Years of Service Award Ribbon awarded to members who have been with the clan for a total of four years. 5 Years of Service Award Ribbon awarded to members who have been with the clan for a total of five years. The Kings Cross Ribbon awarded to members in light of their service to the community.
  19. Representation & Loyalty F.1 - Clan members are expected to represent the community. You cannot be part of another gaming organization that coincides in the same games. F.2 - Clan members are encouraged to wear their tag proudly as it represents the clan and the family you belong to. Mandatory tags vary from game to game.
  20. Bugs, Cheats and Exploits E.1 - No member may associate themselves with cheaters willingly when representing the clan. E.2 - No member may utilize any form of exploit which may pose as an advantage. Avoiding them actively if known, informed or discovered. E.3 - No member may purchase unofficial resources to unfairly utilize in-game.
  21. Clan Structure D.1 - Information issued via the clan is to be followed through at all times unless they otherwise contradict with the Code of Conduct and its policies. D.2 - Members wishing to raise an issue/complaint are to inform a staff member or run it via our ticket support system on the website/discord. Failure to do so may result in their complaint/issue being discarded.
  22. Attendance C.1 - Clan members are required to commit a minimum of 3 hours per week to the community. C.2 - Community members hold no obligation to activity neither hours spent.
  23. Obligations B.1 - All members are free and encouraged to prioritize real-life needs and commitments. Members reserve the right to choose between the needs of reality and the community. B.2 - Staff members are permitted to resign from their respective positions with notification given should they be planning to stay. B.3 - Should a member decide to leave the community for any reason whatsoever - their decision will be upheld and respected.
  24. Conduct A.1 - The primary language of the clan is English and therefore all members must be willing to speak it to the best of their ability A.2 - Members will respect one another regardless of race, age, nationality, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. A.3 - Profanity is permitted, however, members are expected to moderate themselves appropriately. A.4 - Malicious links, spam, trolling and the abuse of features are prohibited. A.5 - Disclosure of private information/images of other members without consent is prohibited. A.6 - No member may issue or discuss religious/political statements within the community. A.7 - Members will show good sportsmanship at all times and in all situations. A.8 - Members are expected to show dignity, honour, and integrity out and inside of KR. Comments of insult regarding members or KR as a whole are to be left ignored or uncommented.
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