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    Code of Honour

    Here in Kings Realm, we as a community follow a Code of Honour. This is what defines us. This code applies to all, ranging from the most recently introduced to the most senior of members. Breaching this Code of Honour isn’t an option and for those who do so will reap a consequence.

  • Section A - Bugs, Cheats and Exploits

    1. No member of the community will use, store or test any form of cheat/s.
    2. No member will associate themselves with cheaters willingly when representing KR.
    3. No member will utilize any form of glitch,bug or exploit which may pose as an advantage/disadvantage. Avoiding them actively if known, informed or discovered.
    4. No member may purchase unofficial resources to unfairly utilize in-game.

    Section B - Obligations

    1. All members are free and encouraged to prioritize real-life needs and commitments. The community will never force a member to choose between the needs of reality and the community.
    2. Members are permitted to resign from their position within the community with notice to The Council.
    3. Should a member decide to leave the community for any reason, the decision will be upheld and respected.

    Section C - Attendance

    1. Members to attend their designated events outlined by their House Leader is encouraged but remains optional. It will however go on to be registered and taken into account for any future prospects.
    2. All activities and forms of communication will be held on the communities Teamspeak server.

    Section D - Command Structure

    1. Kings Realm utilizes a Structure for good reason. It allows for easier organization and structure of the members. Allowing for a smooth flow of information and the relaying of information.
    2. Information issued via the council is to be followed through at all times unless they otherwise contradict with the Code of Honour and its policy.
    3. Should a member wish to raise any issues or complaints must be run through via a moderator, admin or support ticket on the website. Failure to do so may result in their complaint/issue being discarded until otherwise noticed.

    Section E  - Conduct

    1. All Members will respect one another regardless of race, age, nationality, religion, gender and sexual orientation.
    2. All members of KR will respect non-KR members equally.
    3. All members are expected to show dignity, honour and integrity out and inside of KR. Comments of insult regarding members or KR as a whole are to be left ignored or uncommented.
    4. All members will uphold and respect their fellow members as their fellow members will do in return to them.
    5. Any use of both adult content and offensive natures are prohibited.
    6. Strong language is permitted, however, members are expected to moderate themselves appropriately.
    7. No member may issue or enforce religious/political statements or respond to them.
    8. No member may question or challenge KR policies in public. Should a member wish to address their concerns, they may bring it up in accordance with their House Leader or Council.
    9. All members will show good sportsmanship at all times and in all situations.
    10. Upon attaining your membership tag, you will officially be representing KR and are perceived as such by any other persons or organizations. We only ask you conduct yourselves appropriately in good manner as your behavior will reflect KR as a whole.

    Section F  - Representation & Loyalty

    1. As a member of KR you are expected to represent us. *Refer to Section E10 Therefore, you cannot be part of another gaming organization that represents or plays a game that KR has to offer.
    2. Members do not share community secrets and internal structures.
    3. We in KR encourage members to wear their tag proudly as it represents the community and the family you belong to. This is however an optional choice, tag or no tag, you represent the community and we highly value loyalty.