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    Code of Conduct


    Conduct - Section A

    A.1 -  The primary language of the clan is English and therefore all members must be willing to speak it to the best of their ability

    A.2 - Members will respect one another regardless of race, age, nationality, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

    A.3 - Profanity is permitted, however, don't be toxic. This includes but is not exclusive to, racism, discrimination, sexism, bullying and slurs of an offensive nature. Members are expected to moderate themselves appropriately.

    A.4 - Malicious links, spam, trolling and the abuse of features are prohibited.

    A.5 - Disclosure of private information/images of other members without consent is prohibited.

    A.6 - No member may issue or discuss religious/political statements within the community.

    A.7 - Members will show good sportsmanship at all times and in all situations.

    A.8 - Members are expected to show dignity, honour, and integrity out and inside of KR. Comments of insult regarding members or KR as a whole are to be left ignored or uncommented.

    A.9 - Staff authority is to be respected at all times. If you are told to stop - do so. Do not start a debate.

    A.10 - Avatars, nicknames or custom statuses deemed inappropriate/offensive will asked to be changed.

    A.11 - Do not post vulgar imagery, pornography, extreme-violence or content that is graphically offensive.

    A.12 - Do not advertise or recruit on Kings Realm platforms. Advertising other clans/communities within Kings Realm is prohibited

    Obligations - Section B

    B.1 - All members are free and encouraged to prioritize real-life needs and commitments. Members reserve the right to choose between the needs of reality and the community.

    B.2 - Staff members are permitted to resign from their respective positions with notification given should they be planning to stay.

    B.3 - Should a member decide to leave the community for any reason whatsoever - their decision will be upheld and respected.

    Attendance - Section C

    C.1 - Clan members are required to commit a minimum of 3 hours per week to the community.

    C.2 - Community members hold no obligation to activity neither hours spent.

    C.3 - Staff members are required to commit a minimum 6 hours per week to the community.

    Clan Structure - Section D

    D.1 - Information issued via the clan is to be followed through at all times unless they otherwise contradict with the Code of Conduct and its policies.

    D.2 - Members wishing to raise an issue/complaint are to inform a staff member or run it via our ticket support system on the website/discord. Failure to do so may result in their complaint/issue being discarded.

    Bugs, Cheats and Exploits - Section E

    E.1 - No member may associate themselves with cheaters willingly when representing the clan.

    E.2 - No member may utilize any form of exploit which may pose as an advantage. Avoiding them actively if known, informed or discovered.

    E.3 - No member may purchase unofficial resources to unfairly utilize in-game.

    Representation & Loyalty - Section F

    F.1 - Clan members are expected to represent the community. You cannot be part of another gaming organization that coincides in the same games.

    F.2 - Clan members are encouraged to wear their tag proudly as it represents the clan and the family you belong to. Mandatory tags vary from game to game.


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