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Current Donation Goals

Website Renweal Fee

As some of you may be aware that we are trying to raise funds for the renewal of our website to help fix some issues as well as update our site to gain some new features and fixes, this cost is a lot more than what we pay on the regular to keep the lights on for the web hosting, domain, and Teamspeak service.

As so we would not usually ask for this but we are coming to a point where we could really do with renewing the license to get these much-needed updates, the cost is high so we understand if any one person can not fulfill this amount however if multiple people were to contribute a small amount then it would be rased easier and be a smaller amount from the average member.

Attached is a screenshot to show the invoice for the amount required.

All donations for this would be much appreciated and we thank you all for your continued support to help keep Kings Realm alive.


Raised £26.00 of £65.21 target

Communirty Upkeep - April

This community upkeep is for the running costs of keeping KR up and running, be that the Teamspeak and website.

Raised £10.00 of £20.00 target