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Rainbow Six Siege

Looking for a squad to play with? Join the Rainbow Six Siege members of the clan today!
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Play MORDHAU? Why not join the MORDHAU clan members today!
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Arma 3

Play Arma 3 Exile? Why not join the Arma 3 members of the clan today!
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Feeling Creative? Come and jump into our Minecraft server and let your creativity go wild!
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  • TeamSpeak - ts.kingsrealm.net
  • Discord - https://discord.gg/Xw9mxU
  • Minecraft server - mc.kingsrealm.net

Current Donation Goals

Communirty Upkeep - November

This community upkeep is for the running costs of keeping KR up and running, be as follows:

- Teamspeak

- Website Lisence

- Domain

- Web Hosting

Raised £10.00 of £20.00 target

Communirty Minecraft Server Monthly Upkeep - November

This monthly goal is dedicated to the monthly running of our new Minecraft server, feel free to hop on with the IP: kr.mc.gg

All donations towards this goal go specifically towards paying soley for the Minecraft server

more long-term donations please visit our subscription plans to not have to worry about making sure you visit the site and get that donation paid in every month with a subsctiption instead!








Raised £2.00 of £8.50 target

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