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Weekly Party Games (MnF)

Community Events

Event details

What is MnF?

MnF or Moes N Foes is held every Tuesday at 21:00 GMT +1
It's where @Sloxy is hosting a series of party game modes in various games. 



What are we playing this time?

We're playing the game ArmA III and within we're going to play some TTT.

The only requirement for joining is signing up for the event and owning ArmA III (Modpack attached) and Teamspeak.



Please remember to RSVP (Say if you are going) to this event if you're wanting to come as there are only 16 places for this weeks event. People who RSVP saying they are going and don't show may be removed from future MnF if it happens repeatedly

Arma 3 Preset TTT.html

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Great Turn out tonight guys, thanks for the laughs and I don't trust anyone now 😊



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